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9000 & 13000mAh handle sizes plus battery shell
Power handle on a shoulder rig

13000mAh on shoulder rig

New power solution for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K (or any camera really)

I've developed a new power solution for my Pocket Cinema 4K.  I will be running a crowd funding campaign starting in the first week of April.  If you haven't seen video below, check it out and submit your email below and I'll contact you when the campaign kicks off.

There will be a limited quantity EARLY BIRD special for those who support the campaign first up and if you register below you will get contacted first at launch.

What colour will the unit be?  Black.  The battery pack in the video is a low quality 3d print. The final product will be BLACK ABS plastic and will be smooth.

How long can I record on the Pocket 4K?  Up to 3 hours continuous recording in 4k at Prores 422 on the Pocket 4k using Panasonic 18650 batteries.

What will the cost be? $89USD for the battery pack including a Pocket 4K power cable and both an NPF and LP6 battery plates. Two battery packs will be $149USD. The rosette mount will be $59USD.

What more do I need?  You will need to purchase a charger ($35USD) and a set of four 18650 batteries ($25USD). This puts the startup cost of $149USD.  The batteries and charger can be readily bought online through places such as Amazon.  I will put links to a couple of reputable online suppliers.

Can I use this with other cameras?  Yes. There is a 7V socket so you can use a dummy battery with Canon, Panasonic or Sony Cameras.  Because of the slip on NPF and LP plates, you can also use the battery pack with lights and monitors.  There are 2 DC sockets so you can power the camera through one and an external monitor through the other.

Battery Pack pre-crowd funding information