One Little Remote 'How do I?'


OLR V4 quick start guide

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One Little Remote V4 user manual v3 - updated 6 June 2018

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Here is the user guide for the One Little Remote Lite.

OLR Lite instructions PDF

OLR4 and mobile app

The OLR4 will work with the existing mobile app (a new version is on the way).  You will need to perform the following steps to get the app working.
  1. Tap ‘Find Remote’,
  2. In the list tap the ‘OLR4’
  3. Once connected and settings loaded, tap ‘Remote Settings’
  4. Scroll down and enter FFE0 in the ‘ServiceUuid’ field and FFE1 in the ‘Characteristic UUID’ field (plus give the remote a new name if you want),
  5. Tap ‘Save Ids’,
  6. Wait 10 seconds, restart your camera,
  7. Wait for the red light to flash on the remote,
  8. In the app, tap ‘Find Remote’ and then tap the remote entry (OLR4 or the new name you have given it. 
The mobile app will not update sbus channels, name or button allocations on the OLR4. Sbus channels and name updates are done on the remote itself.  Button allocations are not updateable on the OLR4 but may be in a future firmware.

OLR V4 introduction tutorial
How to set up a lens profile on your One Little Remote V4.

​V401 firmware for One Little Remote V3 and V2

V2 remotes have 3 buttons and a dial.  V3 remotes have 4 buttons and a dial. 
Instructions on installing firmware on the remote are located further down this page.
Make sure your camera has 4.7 or greater firmware installed.

The One Little Remote mobile app can be found on iTunes or Google Play by searching for One Little Remote.


Firmware V401 for the OLR V3 (4 buttons + dial). Please read the V401 firmware instructions carefully as functions have changed significantly with this upgrade.


Firmware V401 for OLR V2s(3 buttons + dial)


OLR Firmware V401 user instructions for V2 and V3 remotes.


Firmware 401 button default diagrams for V2 and V3 remotes.

Download PDF File
OLR Firmware 4.0.1 tutorial video

Update to the latest firmware if you have a Metabones Speedbooster

I have tested the remote with the metabones speedbooster and it works.  However, there different models so I cannot guarantee it will work with all of them.  I had an instance where focus was not working on a speedbooster but this was fixed by updating the firmware on that particular speedbooster.  

How do I update the One Little Remote firmware?

To update the firmware you will need:
  • a micro usb cable to attach your remote to your computer,
  • power for the remote,
  • the latest firmware  (see below), and
  • the Teensy loader program.

1) Install the Teensy loader onto your computer following the instructions at the Teensy loader link above.  

2) Download the latest One Little Remote firmware.


One Little Remote firmware 3-0-3 This is for One Little Remote V3 only (the one with 4 buttons and a dial). The firmware is a HEX file that is zipped so you will need a program to decompress it.

Download firmware 3-0-3

One Little Remote V2 firmware 1-1-1 (the remote with 3 buttons and a dial)

Download OLR V2 firmware 1-1-1
OLR 3 with cover off

OLR 3 with cover off

3) Take the top cover off your remote as per the picture to the left (the top cover is when the dial is on the right).

4) Start the Teensy loader application on your computer.

5) Attach your remote to your computer with your usb cable and plug the DC power cable into the remote using the adaptor provided with the remote.

6) Unzip the firmware HEX file onto your computer.

7) In the Teensy loader program, choose the FILE > OPEN HEX FILE menu options and browse to select the HEX file.

8) In the Teensy loader program, choose OPERATION > AUTOMATIC MODE. 

9) Press the program button inside your One Little Remote as per the diagram above.  A "Programming" window should pop up on your computer screen for a brief moment.  

10) Unplug the power from the remote and plug remote into your camera.  After about 5 seconds the remote should flash four times to indicate it has started.

Job done! You can put the cover back on.

How do I use the One Little Remote V3?

The user manual for version 3 of the One Little Remote can be downloaded below.

One Little Remote V3 firmware 3-0-3 user instructions in PDF format

Download 3-0-3 user instructions

One Little Remote V2 1-1-1 firmware instructions

Download OLR V2 firmware 1-1-1 user manual

How do I use the mobile app?

The mobile app can be downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play store. You just need to search for One Little Remote.

One Little Remote mobile app instructions - for versions 2 and 3 of the One Little Remote

Download mobile app instructions

Quick button reference

The following is a pdf with a table showing all the button functions on the remote and includes a small version you can print out and affix to the remote.

A quick reference table for button functions of the One Little Remot V3.

Download quick button reference